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Hello! Thank you for visiting my portfolio. After obtaining my "highly employable" master's degree in Visual Anthropology from the University of Manchester in November 2019, I have been actively engaged in the following:

  • Event photography, capturing joyful moments at parties and events, where I specialise in candid shots that showcase people laughing.

  • Filming and capturing footage of people dancing and singing for documentaries and videos, showcasing their vibrant energy and expressions.

  • Designing creative and visually appealing social media content using Canva, enabling businesses to effectively engage their audience.

  • Creating short experimental films that have been recognized and selected for film festivals, where I explore unique storytelling approaches.

  • Filming and editing interviews to craft compelling narratives and capture authentic moments.

  • Crafting promotional videos and trailers for theatre productions, effectively promoting their essence and captivating the audience.

  • Creating social media videos for charities such as Cocoon Kids and CAM Coalition, helping these organizations spread their messages and connect with their communities."

As a versatile photographer, filmmaker, and content creator, I have had the privilege of working with esteemed organizations such as Reading Museum, Resource Productions (Slough), MandarinPro (London), Muslim Arts and Culture Festival (Manchester), Castlefield Gallery (Manchester), Rabble Theatre, Mind in Kingston, Connect North Korea, and Home Slough.

Please feel free to browse this website and leave me a message if you are interested in collaborating or learning more about my work.

Best regards,

Van Bui

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